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Basic features

Responsive design

Your website will be adapted automatically and properly according to the device where it is shown.

Legal texts

We have included and pre-written the legal information that your project needs to comply with current legislation.

Web space

We are counting on the best technological partners so your website is located at secured servers and always operative.


Sign up or connect your personalized domain so your visitors and potential customers remember you.

Always updated

Cease worrying about updates that can put at risk your website. We are at the forefront of the innovation.

Logo Maker

Create attractive typographical logos easily and quickly using our logo maker.


Transform your website with shocking effects (parallax/fixed) on the background images and videos.

Enriched editor

Apply amazing predefined filters to your images or set them down to the last detail.


Add images free of copyright easily ready to be used and thousands of icons separate according to its collection.


Optimize every page of your website so you can attract attention of the main search engines for your project

Google Fonts

Choose, from the collection of Google Fonts, the typography that you want in each place.


Activate all languages and versions of your page you need and implement the translations easily.

Videos as background

Upload videos as background. You will get a special effect in your highlighted sections.


Add all the versions of your logo you need (positive, negative, image type) so you can use them according to the background colour.


Enter the reduced version of your brand image easily so you can show it in the navigation bar along with the URL.

Colour ranges

We match multiple parameters to create different colour ranges related to your main colour and get harmonious colour combinations.

Pop Up

Make powerful pop-ups to communicate messages or encourage users for your newsletter fully customized.

Test URL

Create test url so you can show the final result of your project before publishing.

Visual display

Find out how your project will be shown on the PC screen, smartphone or tablet before publishing your website using the device simulator.

Anchor navigation

Get animated displacements in the same page with the navigation to a block.


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Advanced features

Own templates

Make your own templates and use them privately to start projects based on your own designs.

Advanced customization

Add your own CSS or Javascript code so you can customize the design and the functinality of your web page.


Accelerate and automate the customization of the styles of your website by the use of variables and functions.


Create fantastic landings that support your current strategy filling content from subdomains.


Point out the content that you have indexed at the new destination by redirections: 301, 302, 303, and 304. It's really easy to set up.


Generate automatically the complete list of those pages that your website has so you can help the search engines to go as far as possible.

Google Search Console

Add the Google verification and you will be able to measure the perfomance and the search traffic for your website.

Google Tag Manager

Set the Google Tag Manager simply and manage the identifiers quickly.

Facebook Pixel

Integrate the tracking code of your campaigns in Facebook to monitor your conversions in real time.


Add your "ticker" and get a booking engines for hotels very customizable in the shortest time.

Marketing Automation

Total integration with Connectif so you can have 100% personalised one-to-one relationships with your users/customers directly.


Use the API's of our blocks to load content from outside sources and get really powerful projects.


Activate the SSL security certificate for free and show your customers a message that your website is safe.

Google AMP

We optimize and simplify your pages for mobile device users to accelerate charging times.



Set up from online shops where you can sell all your products to projects where you can capture requests via contact form.


Control until the last detail from your eCommerce, from verifying your stock to posting your sales.


Activate the cross-selling to supplement the sales, offer alternatives with the related products or raise the amount with the up-sellling.


Full integrated powerful shooping cart platform that you can make your eCommerce fully customized in few minutes.


Online payment solution (VIRTUAL POS) that supports credit card processing quickly, flexibly and safely.

Layout based on trends

Get true browsing experiences with our layouts based on current trends.


Intuitive editor

Manage your blog easily at the same power of our builder with a comfortable working enviornment.


Optimize your entries, categories and tags to attract attention of the main search engines.

Google AMP

We optimize and simplify your articles for mobile device users to accelerate charging times.

Types of blog

Conncet with your readers quickly changing the design of your blog easily with a single click.

Layout page for articles

Switch between different options so the page of your articles change into true experiences with your content.


Set up your Disqus account and make an advanced management of your free spam comments.

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